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    Unable to Create Image Map Hotspot

    LarryTX Level 1

      I've got a GIF image inserted into a RoboHelp HTML 8 topic and am trying to create multiple image map hotspots on the graphic. I successfully created the first hotspot (a rectangular one). When I try to create the second, the crosshair cursor displays, but when I drag with the mouse, it fails to draw a box outline. When I release the mouse, nothing happens.


      This behavior is erratic. Sometimes, if I close and reopen the topic, I can draw a hotspot. Other times, if I complete exit and re-launch RoboHelp, I can draw a hotspot. Is this a bug, or is there something I can do to make it work more effectively?

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          MergeThis Level 4
          • Do you have many other hotspots in this topic?
          • Do you have other dynamic HTML in this topic (Related Topics, See Also, drop-down text, etc.)?
          • Have you been performing a lot of Cut/Paste operations prior to experiencing this issue?
          • Have you ever hit multiple keys in this topic and caused a RH crash?


          RH places numerically identified data in the <HEAD> section for dynamic HTML entities, in addition to the related, numerically matched code that resides in the BODY section. At some point, these numeric matches can get corrupted (the old fat fingers causing a crash trick, for example). The only cure to that is to delete all the HEAD and BODY data, and then start over. Sorry.



          Good luck,


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