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    Print in flash

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      For my work I have to introduce a Print button that will prints everything that is in the cart. However, I never did anything of that sort in Flash, so I might need a bit of help.


      For now, I did a bit of research about how to do it and I do understand I'll have to use PrintJob with another MovieClip... but I need a bit of explanations about a few things.


      First, in the cart (which can be printed), there are several "items" that have the same informations, such as the name, the price, comments, etc.

      Do I have to create one MC that contains informations on one row and add it to the AddPage of PrintJob (I will have 5 MC [5 pages] if I have 5 items in cart), or add all the items into the same MC?


      Also, the flash is horizontal (1920x1280). Do I have to change the orientation of the PrintJob to print in landscape?


      Plus, how to know if the text is far enought of the margins? Do I have to consider the margins in the MC and thus puts a good distance between the borders of the MC and my content?


      Adding a "page" to the PrintJob, how does it work? Is it a real "paper page"?


      I hope you understand what I mean by that, I can give more details if needed but I can't give the source (.fla).


      About what I want to print on paper:


      OrderDate: 2010-08-09

      And other pertinent info


      Item ------- Price ------- Comment

      CD1 ------- $19,99 ----- Blabla

      CD2 ------- $29,99 ----- Bloblo


      "-" being spaces (since I can't use it here). Of course, every column are different TextFields (I just can't do it here in text).


      Thank you!



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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          a movieclip passed using addPage() should be laid out just like the paper/electronic page you want to print.   whatever you want to appear in print should be added to a movieclip that will be passed in the addPage() method.  each movieclip passed using addPage() will appear as a seperate printed page.


          if you want a movieclip to print landscape, change your printjob to landscape.

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            SpiritOfTheWinds Level 1

            Either it doesn't work or the option I'm trying is not working. To not use paper, I try to "print" my flash as a document image (other print option available) and when I click "Print", nothing is saved on my hard drive... but I do use the .addPage(...) and .send().


            If it's the option that's not working, is there a better way to test out the printing instead of using paper? I still haven't tested with paper, I don't want to use 60 pages to test out the print...



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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              i use doPDF to print to a pdf.  works well for me.

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