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    Is Flash the solution for my problem?


      Hello All:


      This is a question about hyperlinks in Flash, but it is not a "how to" question, because I know that hyperlinks can be created in Flash.  More, my question is whether Flash is the right tool for what I'm interested in doing.


      Basically, I'm a video producer and clients occasionally ask me whether I can insert hyperlinks into their videos.  My answer has always been: "Sorry, no deal.  Final Cut Pro does not have that capability."


      So my question is this: am I making things way too difficult by seeking out Flash as a solution to this?  Apple has a software called Keynote that is supposed to be able to add hyperlinks, but it may be a bit of a clumsy to use and it seems that it sometimes delivers rather uneven results.  That's at least what I was understanding from what I read on the Apple forums.  And, on those same forums, several people suggested others like me to use Flash for creating hyperlinks in video... i.e. we produce our videos, we import to Flash, we had text hyperlinks, we export out to Quicktime.


      Would you say that Flash is probably too expensive and sophisticated a tool for something fairly straightforward like this, keeping in mind that I don't know a darn thing about how to use Flash?  What I'd really like is an intuitive piece of software that would make the process easy.  If Flash is not the answer, do you have any suggestions?


      Thanks, Geoff

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          flash can add cuepoints to video and can use those cuepoints to link to other web pages.  so, flash can do what you want.


          whether there are easier-to-use and/or less expensive programs that can also do what you want, i do not know.

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            woverines92 Level 1

            Thanks for the response.  From what I heard on the Apple forums, it was pretty clear that creating hyperlinks within the video was something that Flash could definitely do.


            I guess I'm curious to hear whether it's easy since I know nothing about Flash!  If ithere's going to be a major learning curve, I might not bother and continue to tell my clients I can't help them.


            BTW: If I wanted to import my video and create the hyperlinks, is it possible to export the video as a quicktime file and still keep the hyperlinks?  That's another important piece of this.

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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              well, it is easy but if you know nothing about flash and don't even the flash program, you should consider sub-contracting that part of your project.  that would be preferable to telling your clients, it can't be done.  sub-contracting for a project this small should cost far less than $45.


              whether the links would work when the video is exported as a qt file, i don't know.  i would test if someone approached me about this job.

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                woverines92 Level 1

                excellent point.  maybe I should hire you as my business development person - telling them it can't be done would be rather lame!  ;>


                thanks for the input.