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    Please interpret PPBM to explain my encode/export problem


      I've posted my PPBM "Output-MPE" file below, which I hope you can read and relate to my problem in the previous thread:



      My system seems very close to "Stephen Wong 5.0.2" in the PPBM5 results spreadsheet, but my numbers are almost all worse than his.  My system is also similar to "AG-Edit2", "DJ DVC custom", and "NG neebster", and many of my numbers are better than theirs except the Disk I/O score.


      I just don't get it--why would it take so long before encoding and exporting any type of video file from a timeline even as small as 100 or 200 clips!


      Here is my "Output-MPE" file:


      M-Driver;Personal or Computer ID
      Gigabyte;Computer Manufacturer
      X58A-UD3R;Computer Model
      400;secs Total Benchmark Time
      ;Performance index
      184;secs AVI  Encoding Time
      97;secs MPEG Elapsed Time
      107;secs H.264 Elapsed Time
      12;secs Rendering Time
      ;MPE off result
      ;MPE result
      ;MPE gain
      Intel;CPU Manufacturer
      i7-930;CPU Model
      2.80;GHz CPU speed
      1;Number of CPU chips
      4;Total Number of Cores
      12;GB RAM
      5.02;Version 25 PPBM5 multitest
      GTX 470;Graphics Board
      Win 7 64 ;OSVersion
      SATA;OS Disk Interface
      1000;GB OS Disk Capacity
      7,200;OS Disk Speed
      SATA;Project Disk Interface
      1000;GB Project Disk Capacity
      7,200;Project Disk Speed
      Same as Project;Output / Preview Disk Interface
      Same as Project;GB Output / Preview Disk Capacity
      Same as Project;Output / Preview Disk Speed

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          Pyramid Pyro Level 1

          Are you not using a separate 3rd disc?  That may be a difference affecting results.  Appologies if I'm reading or interpretting wrong...


          I have a similar system too and am looking to increase my performance.  I've done the following since I first ran my PPBM5 test and will rerun again in the next few days/weeks after I feel I've exhausted all optimization options.  Maybe some of these will help you...


          • Correct Media Cache location:  I fudged this originally and it was on my C drive all along when I thought it was on a dedicated drive (DOH!)
          • Disable Disc Indexing:  that may not be the right terminology, but it basically telling the disc to not be indexed for search
          • Optimize Windows 7:  this includes applying Black Viper's W7 optimization suggestions as well as some others
          • Put background processes/services in check:  in addition to the W7 optimzation, I've also gone through and permanently tamed or removed some of the random items running the background.  This will be further optimized by disabling certain features (like anti-virus) temporarily when executing large tasks (like exporting and/or running the PPBM5 test)
          • Apply experience:  now that I've run the test once and had some time to learn more about it I think it may make for a better score (because good vibes help increase performance - scientific fact )


          I'm not saying you made the same gross error I made (media cache location) but maybe the optimization items will help.



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            moroccodriver Level 1

            Thanks for trying to help!  And I apologize to everyone for splitting the thread.


            Just to clarify, my big problem is not the somewhat high Disk I/O score.  The big problem is a LONG wait before it starts to encode a short work area in a project with many clips.  Once it starts encoding, it goes quickly.


            I've tried exporting video to the same drive where the media and project live.  I've tried exporting to a 3rd drive (not the OS drive or the Project drive that also contains the media).  I've tried putting the media on a separate drive from the project.  No fix yet.


            I've tried most of your suggestions, and will now try deleting all the Media Cache files and rebuilding them on the 3rd drive so they aren't on the same drive as the project and media.


            I also looked at Bill Gehrke's note that the Disk I/O test has 550 instances of the same clip in one project.  I can export a short section of the Disk I/O timeline very quickly.  My problem appears when there are many DIFFERENT clips on one timeline or in one project.

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              Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

              It looks to me like you may have too many processes running and this is not allowing you to have full use of your CPU and memory for Premiere.  Let us know how many processes are running after a clean boot without Premiere fired up.  Make sure you check "Show All" at the bottom of the Processes Tab on the Task Manager.

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                moroccodriver Level 1

                Thanks, Bill.  Let me know if you need to see the list of processes and explain how I can get you a snapshot of that.   I rebooted and here's what the Task Manager showed for all users:


                50-52 processes

                0% CPU Usage

                10-11% Physical Memory


                I did that most of the Black Viper optimization tips when I first got the system, but then scaled back a few because I missed the new pretty interface for Windows 7 that mirrors Apple's operating systems.


                I haven't experimented with the new system or CS5 very much, but so far everythnig else seems good.  I can open 30-MB projects with 2000 DV clips and work smoothly.  I'm even able to play 4k R3D files smoothly at 1/4 resolution, as well as have several DV layers of Cuda GPU effects play smoothly.  This is the first problem I've encountered, but it's pretty big because I can't do the one thing I want to do right now--export short clips from big sequences.

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                  Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

                  One thing that you could easily try is to overclock your system just a little and see if there is any improvement.  You should easily be able to push it to 3.6 GHz.  Unfortunately I do not know the Gigabyte BIOS to help you out with the procedure for overclocking.


                  You do have indexing turned off on each of your drives--correct?  Maybe next week when Harm is back from vacation he will have some ideas.


                  All you have to do to get the processes list is do an ALT+Print Screen with that window active.  You could also check my rough draft Tuning Guide.

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                    moroccodriver Level 1

                    Ooooh oooh ooooh!  Problem solved!


                    I tried opening a big sequence in AME without using Premiere, and I could actually see this message as it was taking forever to encode:

                    "Adobe Premiere processing audio source for (clip name)"


                    It seems to try to process audio for every single clip in the sequence before encoding video.  I realized it was because I'd put 32kHz clips in a 48kHz sequence.


                    I unticked the "export audio" box and then it started encoding immediately and exported in seconds.  Then I put over 2000 clips in a correctly formatted audio sequence and it encoded video and also exported the audio immediately.


                    Sorry for the wild goose chase.


                    And Bill, I'd actually tried your tuning tips (in addition to Black Viper's), and it was yours I tried to do most of but then backtracked a little to keep the fancy new Apple-like interface.


                    When I have some more time, I'll play around more with PPBM5 and try to optimize and perhaps ask for your advice.