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    Flex to AIR Conversion

      Dear All

      Please provide some inputs regarding Flex Application into Air (Formally Apollo).As per My senario It is running separately .I would like convert a Flex based Application into AIR format.

      Thanks in Advance

      - vrru
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          connectricity Level 1
          There really isn't much conversion.

          I would suggest making a new AIR project in Flex and giving that project the same path on your drive as your Flex project.

          Then adjust the settings in the main.xml Flex will create for your AIR Application.

          Check all of your URLs to insure that they are absolute.

          Designate your primary mxml as the default application.

          Then simply publish as a deployable AIR file.

          All of this assumes that you have the Flex 2.0.1 SDK and then the Apollo SDK already installed.

          -Good Luck & Happy WebTopping ;)
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            vrru Level 1
            ok Thank you for your info
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              In addition to all the things that you have pointed out, how does one specify the setting for Flex Data Services in an AIR application ?

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                vrru Level 1
                Hello ghiit,

                This question is also make me to think, In my point of view , we have to edit the settings like <mx:Application> in to <mx:windowedApplication> by comparing the two projects.If we change in mapping -xml then it will be converted into Air Application.