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    ADE in a multi-user environment


      I am currently in the process of installing ADE in our computer lab to be used with an eBook that was purchased for the class. On a test machine, I installed the software under our Admin account and loaded the eBook. It activated and works properly, but when I log in with one of our student accounts, the book is not in their ADE library. Does ADE support use by multiple users on the same computer, and if so, could you point me in the direction of how to set it up in this type of environment?


      Thank you!

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          Jim Lester Level 4

          Although ADE supports the use of multiple users of ADE on the same computer.  There are a fair amount of limitations that make use of ADE within a lab environment problematic:

          • Each user must activate/authorize individually with their own ID. 
          • Activations (and libraries) are kept per user (ie no global activation for the machine)
          • Books must be licensed to the ID of the student (using a generic Lab ID won't work)
          • The activaiton will count against their total count. 
          • Deactivation does NOT increase your activation allowance (ie it doesn't give one back)
          • Roaming profiles are specifically not supported (and in general just don't work).
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            Hi Jim -


            In your response, you indicate that you can have mulitple users on one ADE installation.  Can you please provide direction on how to add and activate a second user account on the same installation/machine?


            Thanks in advance,


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              Jim Lester Level 4

              One ADE user per OS User only.

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                So, what you are saying that if each user has their own login for the computer, then they can authorize ADE for their adobe account.  But for a shared login there can be only one authorization for ADE. 


                Furthermore, you have limited number of devices you can authorize. And once you reach the max, deauthorizing one does not allow you to authorize another.

                Wow.  Seems a bit short sighted.