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    Beginner plz help!

    emin3m33 Level 1

      Bear with me since im a beginner to AE. Now I have a wedding project almost completed in Premiere CS4. ALL i want to do is add some 3-D text to a few clips in my Premiere Project. So I inported my premiere pro proj into AFTER EFFECTS CS4. I then applied a 3-D text preset. Now firstly, After Effects didnt import my effects and transitions that I applied in Premiere. Isn't that the whole point of After Effects? to apply effects/animation to my project from premiere????


      Since this route didnt work. I then tried to export the after effects project back into Premiere Pro. But it told me that all the effects I applied in After Effects arent found in Premiere???


      So How am i supposed to get full functionality between these two products like Adobe advertises? I need to be able to apply effects in both premiere and after effects and they should show up in both programs. If i export my completed project in after effects, that wont be convenient because all the transitions and effects I applied in Premiere(all the work) wont be there!!! someone help me.