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    How can I create a 'wipe' transition effect?


      Hi, hope someone can help;


      I need to create a wipe effect, to illustrate a branch, with sub-branches etc., 'growing' outwards from trunk of tree.

      The tree, branch & background positions would be static on stage.


      The graphic elements were created in photoshop, so are textured, detailed raster images, not vector shapes.


      I want to 'reveal' the branch, from left (treetrunk end) to right (twigs end).

      (ok, so visually, not strictly 'growing', but if wiped at a reasonable speed, works ok; tried it in powerpoint)


      My first (& ideal) method would be to use an alpha channel shape masking the branch, which in stateA would reveal almost nothing of the branch, to StateB, revealing all, and FC could do the tweening.

      ...but I found the alpha shape can't (?) be changed, between states, on a single object.


      Another way would be use a 'copy' of the background, but placed above the branch graphic, and move that left to right, so revealing the branch underneath.

      But I can't do that, as the background isn't plain, but textured, and anyway, there will be lots of other things going on in background (& foreground) at the same time as branch wiping on.


      Anyone got any suggestions of how to achieve a wipe effect, or any other way of achieving somwthing similar?


      I'm only just starting out with Flash catalyst, (Flash & scripting code are way beyond me).

      Photoshop's my thing, and I can't believe that FC can't do this simplest of transitions...but MS powerpoint can do it easily...


      This would have loads of other uses; road-map routes, blood circulation, elecrical wiring etc. etc. -there must be a way!


      Please help, anyone?


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          DaddyEb Level 1



          Anybody got any ideas or workarounds to try to achieve a wipe effect?



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            Can you upload a mockup or something?

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              I am not PRO but I would think you are better off using FLASH rather than FLASH CATALYST


              I did a similar thing but I created an animation of a seed growing into a full blown tree - and vertically.

              The trick I used was simple enough. I drew a full grown tree and used that as the END of the Timeline.

              I then used Photoshop to create a few KEYFRAME images to help FLASH animate the scene.

              I simply started with the FULL TREE and then used the eraser to reverse the process of growth.

              Thus each time I erased a little of each of the brances length etc - I created a step in the sequence running back in time.

              Eventually I had about 15 Keyframes and FLASH did the rest.


              I am new to CATALYST but I can not think of an easy way to do such a thing. I really don't think CATALYST

              was designed for such intricate animations.


              CATALYST seems to me much more useful for designing and creating fluid and interactive navigation flow around a website.


              Sorry I could not be of more help.

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                DaddyEb Level 1

                Hi K3dj,
                Sorry about the delay in replying; busy busy...

                Thanks so much for your help; I think it's a great idea, and I'll give it a
                go, though I've never used Flash, as coding scares me.
                I'm hoping your technique won't need coding!

                Yes, I think you're right, -Catalyst isn't for this sort of thing.
                ...Though nor is powerpoint, but it's a basic transition effect in that!

                And please don't apologise; you've been a big help, pointing me at a fresh,
                different way of thinking about the problem (reverse the process!).

                Thank you k3dj!

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                  k3dj Level 1

                  Glad to help. Hopefully you can get a fair result using a few KEYFRAMES and Flash will do the rest with TWEENS. I am new to CS5 so like yourself I am still finding my way around and playing with the fire. Maybe someone with more experience will show up and offer you a better option soon. I just don't think Catalyst is the best application for what you want to do. Good luck and best wishes.

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                    DaddyEb Level 1

                    Thanks again k3dj;

                    I'll give it a go when I've got some time...too much other work to do at the


                    -good luck to you with playing with CS5, I don't know about you, but I am

                    finding some things amazingly brilliant, but others mystifyingly unintuitive

                    Not like the old days when CS2 was just so intuitive...progress I guess!