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    URGENT : Textarea Copy-Paste

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      Hi all,


      When I copy a text with apostrophe (') from the MS-Word doc to the text area and updating the DB updates the data as null.


      Eg, Say the text is " The Test Data for apos's test " that is copied from MS-Word and pasted in text area and on updating the DB , the data in DB is updated as null.


      Please let me know this.

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          This answer is a bit too obvious to me, as I work with MySQL quite a bit; which means it's probably the wrong answer.  Try it anyway.


          I know in MySQL, the apostrophe character, quote character, and back tick characters are all used for SPECIAL cases, as are backslashes.  All of the above MUST be escaped (with a preceding backslash) before it can be fed to the database as a query, or it will be errorous, and may cause INJECTION EXPLOITABLE...)



          This "data" is what 'will' be put in `the database`. (\\lol)



          This \"data\" is what \'will\' be put in \`the database\`. (\\\\lol)


          Before it can be fed into MySQL

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