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    Adobe reader odd default save location problem (not the usual complaint)


      Hey everyone,


      So, this isn't the normal default save location complaint.


      Our company is based on a Citrix farm and we use a mandatory profile for all our users that log into onto our Citrix servers.  For some reason any "save" option, whether through Adobe Reader or something such as CutePDF, defaults to one of our IT admin directories instead of their My Documents.  If they change the path back to their My Documents, it will save that location and save there by default.  This is eating a lot of space on our admin drives since they do not realize where they're saving - they just are.  I know there's no way to change the default save location away from the My Documents, but is there any way to see why it might be defaulting to one of our admin directories instead of their My Documents?


      I've checked the registry of the mandatory profile, and nothing really shows anything pointing there and I'm not sure where else to look...