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    Protected Mode Popup on Every Page in IE8

    xTLS Level 1

      A few weeks ago I began having an issue with Flash Player on my Windows 7 64bit/IE8 laptop which I have been unable to solve. I've been trying to get it figured out at the Microsoft Answers forums but everyone there is severely incompetent, so maybe I can get help here.


      Every time I open ANY webpage, whether it appears to have Flash content or not, I get a series of Internet Explorer Security popups reading:


      "A website wants to open web content using this program on your computer
      The program will open outside of Protected mode [...]

      Name: Adobe Flash Player

      Publisher: Adobe Systems Incorporated


      Details: ...64\Macromed\Flash\FlashUtil10i_ActiveX.exe"


      If I click "dont allow" the popup just appears again at least once and up to five or six times.


      I have uninstalled and reinstalled Flash Player numerous times, from the Control Panel and with the Flash Uninstaller from Adobe's website. I have tried installing it with my antivirus disabled but this didn't help. The problem doesn't occur if Flash Player isn't installed (the Microsoft people seemed to think this was important for some reason but it's common sense to me...). I don't have any issues with Firefox.


      I don't know if this is a virus, a bug in IE8, or a bug in FP, but hopefully someone can help.


      System Breakdown

      Toshiba Satellite S6970 (I think that's the model, it's not easily visible)

      Intel Core 2 Duo 2.1GHZ

      4GB RAM

      500GB HD

      Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

      Internet Explorer 8 32-bit

      Flash Player

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          xTLS Level 1

          Forgot to mention my antivirus is AVG Free 9 and I've run full system scans with AVG, the Microsoft MSRT, and Bitdefender and Trend Micro's online virus scanners to check for a virus. I haven't found any virus/malware.

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            eidnolb onlyone Level 5

            Hi, This is part of the Security of Win7/IE8, UAC and Protective Mode. Don't do any more Uninstalling or Installing of anything. I've had a couple of users that had a problem with this. I think in Win7 that made an improvement after all of the Vista users stormed their "castle" LOL



            Give me a few minutes to get the info for you. It is not a virus, it is just Microsoft:-)








                 What is wrong with the MVP's over there? Maybe you didn't get any, but I know what you mean.

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              xTLS Level 1

              Thanks. I also have a desktop system with Win7 Home Premium 64-bit/IE8 , but it does not have the same problem with Flash, so it isn't universal.


              Please do not suggest simply turning off Protected mode or UAC, I had a friend suggest that, but that's akin to turning off your antivirus because you don't like that annoying message telling you that you have a virus.


              They don't pay ANY attention to what they're suggesting/linking or do basic research. I had people telling me to install a three year old hotfix for a similar problem with IE7 under Vista. I got a guy telling me to uninstall my antivirus and giving me a link to the German version of Flash and then not understanding why the link he gave me was German even though it had "/de/" in the link (apparently he didn't look at it even after I told him it was in another language). I had someone tell me how to clean install Windows XP. I had people giving me advice for 32-bit Windows 7, giving me outdated links for this and that, etc etc. Both regular users and actual MVPs, the actual MVPs being just as useless as everyone else.

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                eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                Hi, ROFL, Are you sure you weren't here on the Flash Forum? LOL Yes, I'm amazed at the "advice" that is on the Forums.


                The ones that especially get on my last nerve are the ones that answer a question that wasn't asked and then mark it with a check mark Answered!!!! You've had quite an experience. I don't think I've ever posted anywhere since I know what is out there. I just Research until I find the answer.


                Sometimes I've seen the same thing here, but if I see it is harmful to the user, I most always step in. Oh, Flash Player doesn't work, well reformat or use System Restore:-) If they thot the FP problem was bad, just wait. I think the worst I've ever seen and it was malicious and intentional(to try to get back at me) This person had little experience with computers, had about 70 Toolbars and add ons in one browser! and Flash Player didn't work!, Really? Well, this know it all, gave them the links to Install the beta version of FP at the time. We had quite a discussion:-) (not between the person, but the one that gave the beta links)


                Anyway back to your problem. No I wasn't going to suggest turning it off. Actually, I think it is a great Security Feature.

                But there is a way to adjust it so it doesn't drive you crazy. Also I think there is another setting. Just going from memory but as I recall there was two things to do.


                Ok, I better find the info for you.



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                  That was the same 3 year old Windows Vista/IE7 article I was linked to on the MS forums. I'm using Windows 7 and IE8 and I have automatic updates enabled. I should add that I almost always am able to fix problems myself or with the help of online research; if I have to come to a forum to get help, you probably aren't going to find the solution in a KB article - I've already looked.


                  I'm already aware of the UAC settings and how to adjust them. Turning down the settings to make the security warning go away is the same as turning them off to make the security warning go away - it's not a solution, it's ignoring the problem.


                  I have identical security settings on my desktop and it doesn't have the Flash Player security popup problem so there must be more to it than that.

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                    eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                    Hi, which one of the articles pertained to Vista? The first two linked to the Win7 and I read them again before posting them to you. There were no adjustments in Vista and the screenshot in the one was of Win7. Besides Win7 hasn't been out for three years.


                    The last link I didn't read and my browser froze at that moment. Perhaps that is the one you're speaking of. I stay busy on the forum and if I have too many windows open at once that happens (need more RAM). If I had read that last link and it had anything about Vista, I would not have included it. I'm careful about old articles myself.


                    I know you have IE8 since it comes with Win7. I'm not an idiot.


                    My understanding of adjusting the setting was not an all or nothing. If it was an on or off then there would be no need for an adjustment.


                    I didn't send those links as a final fix, just for you to look them over. How would I know what you have tried? I hope you don't think I have the Google Data Base and the Microsoft Data base on my Desktop and all I have to do is enter your issue and bring up an instant answer.


                    I suppose if I had Win7, then I could have told you exactly what to do. So don't get all bent out of shape because you didn't receive an instant solution.


                    Also you need to consider that this issue you are having is not a Flash Player issue. This is an IE/UAC/Protective Mode issue, and Flash Player is secondary and that is because every website contains Flash! Go to a website that doesn't contain Flash and you won't receive that message from IE.


                    Did you think that maybe you need to add Adobe Systems, Inc or Adobe.com into the trusted zone? I have but didn't get to that yet. I'll let you check that out.






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                      xTLS Level 1

                      The third one. Why didn't you check it just now? I didn't want to start an argument but I also want to avoid a repeat of the MS forums.


                      I understand you don't know what I've tried, that's why I clarified - I didn't mean it to be aggressive.


                      I would rather fix the root of the problem than adjust the settings so the popup stops appearing.


                      Do all banner ads contain Flash content or something? It was a pain but I managed to find a few websites that indeed don't issue the security warning, but a lot of websites that don't appear to have any Flash content still throw the warning. I expected it was an Internet Explorer error, and that's why I went to MS first, but as I said they're all incompetent over there.


                      I hadn't considered adding Adobe to any trusted settings - I don't know why I would have to do that on one computer but not another computer with the same OS and software.

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                        eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                        I can't check that third site now either. I am working on some things and researching, which I do. Like I said had I known that was a Vista anything, I would not have posted it.


                        You said:

                        I would rather fix the root of the problem than adjust the settings so the popup stops appearing.


                        I understand what you are saying, but the root of the problem is that all of the websites almost without exception contain Flash content and the only way the popups are going to stop is 1. Stop going to websites that contain Flash Content 2. Adjust the settings 3. Find a way to exclude Flash Content sites.


                        I plan on reading again one of those Win7 articles that explains the various settings, perhaps the answer is there or another search from there. Those 2 links I just had in one of my Desktop folders. I don't have time now though.


                        There must be a way to add Adobe to the trusted zone so that every time you visit a site that has Flash you won't get that warning. Flash is everywhere and I doubt if that was a surprise to Microsoft when this UAC/Protective Mode was included in Win7/IE8. I know it was in Vista also and IE7. Surely they made a provision to exclude sites that a user visits frequently, so they would not have this warning occur constantly. If I had Win7, that is exactly what I would do and if I couldn't find the answer, then I would call Microsoft. I would solve the issue one way or the other, you can be sure of that.


                        Yes Flash is in banner ads, like I said it's everywhere (And Apple says Flash Player is dead, LOL)


                        Now why this is not happening on the other PC is an interesting point. Have you checked the settings of the UAC/Protective Mode. I think this Protective Mode may be key in this. Didn't that error say something about Flash Player wanting to open outside of the Protective Mode or something similar? Do you think there is a setting to always allow Flash Player to open outside of the Protective Mode and that would keep the security warning from popping up? Or should Flash Player be "in" the protective Mode? I don't have a good understanding of how that relates to the UAC, but I do know it does.


                        Anyway, that is all for me, late in my time zone.  Let me know what you find out. I have more success just going to Microsoft.com and searching there instead of bothering with the Forums.






                        I think that is going to have to be the direction to go



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                          hexaae Level 1

                          All of a sudden, yesterday this problem started for me too: Win7 x86, IE8, UAC at max level.

                          Uninstalling Flash, rebooting, re-installing flash, running IE8 didn't solve at all.

                          Is there a solution?

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                            Tejodhar Atreya U Level 1


                            Error : http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flashplayer.html

                            Uninstall the following items

                            Please go to Add and Remove Programs or Programs and features -

                            1) Uninstall all the Toolbars - like Google tool bar, Yahoo tool bar , Ask toolbar etc

                            2) Uninstall Flash Player 10 Active X  -

                            3) Uninstall the Adobe Air


                            Go to http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/

                            Install the Flash Player again -


                            Are you using Internet Explorere 9 then Flash player is http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flashplayer.html

                            I think better to use IE 8 for few more weeks. There are lot of issues with IE 9 .




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                              hexaae Level 1

                              Uninstalling everything (never installed toolbars or Adobe Air BTW) was useless.

                              Only a restore point saved me. Hope will never happen agai..