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    Global Flash Problems


      Hello everyone, this is my first time posting on these forums.


      I'm having a significant issue with my Flash player, and multiple reinstalls and driver updates have not fixed it.


      Problem 1: Graphical glitches develop with videos that involve high speed motion or camera pans. Specifically, horizontal lines will appear as the motion speeds up then go away as it slows down.


      Analysis: Problem is only limited to Adobe Flash. The exact same video played through Windows Media Player or rendered real-time via various game engines does not have the same problem.


      Troubleshooting: 1) Updated video driver. 2) Uninstalled/reinstalled video driver. 3) Updated Adobe Flash Player. 4) Uninstalled/reinstalled Adobe Flash Player. 5) Uninstalled/reinstalled Firefox and Adobe Flash Player.



      Problem 2: Sound distortion at very high pitch and/or volume. Perfect example: the end of this video as "My Heart Will Go On" swells in the background:




      The distortion is enough to make my speakers crackle.


      Analysis: Problem only limited to Adobe Flash. There's no way in hell I'm downloading a Celine Dion mp3, but I did test other music via both Windows Media Player and various games/movies. No distortion detected anywhere at any range (low drums to high female vocals). Performed full speaker diagnostic through Creative's control panel.


      Troubleshooting: 1) Updated sound card drivers. 2) Uninstalled/reinstalled sound card drivers. 3-5) Same as above.


      The problem still exists. It was not always this way... I remember  watching high quality 720P video taken from Mass Effect 2 over YouTube and  it was indistinguishable from the in-game rendering (minus the 1080P). I  don't know exactly what I changed that started this problem. I do remember Adobe crashing a couple of times before the first reinstall.


      Flash games also suffer this problem if motion is fast enough or if the audio is of sufficiently high quality. Strangely enough, Pandora *doesn't* have this same problem, even though it also (iirc) uses Flash.


      If you know what is causing this, please help me out. I'd hate to give up YouTube and Newgrounds because of something like this.



      System Specs:


      Firefox 3.6.9

      Adobe Flash Player 10.1

      NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250

      Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi

      2.81 GHz

      2.00 gigs of RAM