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    Need some advice on my current system


      Hello Adobe-forum-community,


      Short background informations:
      I am new to the whole Adobe-thing. I started out with editing some months ago with Vegas Movie Studio (basic stuff) and realized its not enough for me anymore (software-wise). Two days ago I downloaded PremierePro CS5 and spent some time learning the basis stuff I could do in my old video-software. I enjoy working with it, so I ordered the whole "Adobe CS5 Production Premium Student"-pack today (its an awesome offer for me as a student).
      But after reading through the forums, working with PremierePro, looking at the taskmanager from time to time, I got a feeling that my current system is maybe a bit weak:


      - Harddisks:
          - WDC 500GB WD5000AAKS-00A7B2 (system, programs)
          - WDC 640GB WD6400AAKS-65A7B2 (the whole project-stuff)
          - WDC 1TB WD1002FAEX-00Y9A0 (the raw clips for editing)
      - Case: CoolerMaster Elite 330
      - CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 945 95W (C3), 4x 3.00GHz
      - MoBo: Gigabyte GA-MA74GM-S2H AMD 740G AM2
      - RAM: Samsung DDR2 800MHz 2x2GB
      - PSU: Corsair VX550W
      - GraphicsCard: ATI HD 5850 pcs+

      - OS: Windows 7 Prof. 64-bit



      My raw material is at the moment either game-footage (1280x720; 2,2GB per minute), but it could also get 1920x1080 in the near future (once I get a monitor that supports 1920x1080 native-resolution).


      Some things that seem wrong to me at the moment (while working with PremierePro):
      - as I hit play, it usually takes 1-2 seconds til it actually starts playing
      - if I do a "video in video", it stutters quite hard
      - effects in general dont play back all to well


      I´m aware that I can prerender effects and parts to get smooth playback (which works of course), but I thought more about doing it in real-time.



      So now to my questions:

      Are there any ways I could improve my performance by changing my harddrive-setup or other settings?

      Is there something (hardware-wise) that would make sense to upgrade (more and better RAM, or maybe RAM and MoBo; just my thoughts)?




      Its not my intend to build a new system at this point, nor do I want to get such a monster-system I have seen on these forums so far (because I also dont have those monster-clips), I just need some advice to improve my performance.

      Moreover, I only tried out PremierePro by now at a time, but I think about doing some work in PrPro and AE/PS parallel once I have the pack.


      I simply wanna be able to work with those programs in an acceptable way and get creative (I already wrote too much, hope you get my point). ;-)



      Thanks in advance!