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    Editing Button Links

      Excuse me if this has been addressed, I have looked and not found it. I am about 12 hours into using Captivate, love what it can do, but have run into issues creating navigation.

      I have a basic vertical navigation of about 8 buttons launching individual .swfs. I wanted this nav to remain throughout each slide over the entire project. Seems like it's working, but updating each button on every slide in each project is a real pain if you need to point them to a different URL (or project). Is there an easy way?

      The Apply to All feature is either working strangely as intended, or bugged. Messes up the buttons, globally.

      The Branch feature is a great idea, but doesn't seem to tell you which button you have selected, so you don't know where to point it!

      In a nutshell, is there an easy global edit feature for button links?

      Oh yeah, lastly - If you do end up having to cut and paste into each slide, how do you avoid the buttons changing the slide duration, or not being long enough for the slide when you paste them in (causing a lot of extra clean-up)?

      Thanks for your time!
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          jojolina Level 1
          Hey there Geo

          On the first slide where these buttons appear, change the settings to "Display for - rest of project". I did something similar in Captivate 1 and am assuming that this will work in V2 as well
          Try it and check.

          Good luck

          PS Please let me know if it works or not.
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            Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            Hi all

            Andrew, I never like to rain on anyone's parade or Pooh Pooh an idea. But I'm afraid this one won't work. I say this because the ability to run for the rest of the project simply isn't among the available choices for Button or Click Box objects.

            Cheers... Rick
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              Geovox Level 1
              'tis sad but true. Display for rest of slide is an option, but not rest of project. I can copy-paste to all slides in the Storyboard view, the first time. But my concern is making updates and changes easily, later on.

              No global edit tricks for changing URL links in buttons, huh?
              Thanks all, for your time.
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                jojolina Level 1
                My most humble apologies, I went and checked what I had done and yes, I also copied into each individual slide. Idiot me had put in captions to display for rest of movie/project and then inserted buttons over them on each slide individually using the copy paste method.
                PS probably had brain freeze on the original reply