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    Cross Domain Access

      I'm 2 days old in Flex so excuse me if this sounds silly. I'm trying to create a little widget that can be hosted on any website. This flex application accesses data from finance.yahoo.com. Note that i don't want to limit myself to hosting my flex app on a specific website.
      Is there a means to access data from the yahoo portal by means of some code within the flex app? I don't know much about crossdomain.xml but the thing is creating and saving the XML file may not be under my control.
      I have a working prototype that works well when launched from within Flex environment.
      I would appreciate your help.
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          kcell Level 2

          your flash widget can only access data from servers, which allow access per crossdomain.xml or from your server. That´s a security thing which comes with the flash player. ( if yahoo didn´t allow access to their content that´s bad luck )

          Dependend on the amount of data it may make sense to get data by some server scripts and store the data on your server and access it via flash.

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            ntsiii Level 3
            The flex builder environment "cheats" by installing itself into a "trusted" sandbox that lets it access pretty much anything.

            The security restrictions are serious. Crossdomain.xml or server-side proxy are the only solutions.