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    Mouseover buttons that are misdirected


      I have made a map in flash with icons that when you mouseover you see an image and when you click on them you go to another frame. This usually works great but I am getting reports from users that sometimes it isn't working. They scroll over a link and it shows another name or they click on something and are directed to the wrong frame. I am not sure what I am doing wrong.

      Here is the map:


      Is it something very easy or should I hire someone to help me fix this? We are launching the site on Sept 20th and I would love it if it would work... I don't want to be rude and  ask for help for free. If this is difficult I wouldn't mind paying for some help.

      Thank you!


      Lovisa Inserra



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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There doesn't appear to be any problem.  You'll need to provide specific instructions for making the problem(s) appear.

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            ikira_ag Level 1

            Hi Ned,

            I wish I could describe when it happens but for me it has only happened once and it was in firefox, my usual browser. For other people it has also sometimes worked and sometimes not. I uploaded my actual fla file in case you have the time to take a look and see if i've done somehing obviously backwards. http://www.bunkerland.com/map.zip

            If you figure out the problem and can tell me how to fix it I could paypal you $100 (I know it's not a lot but I'm not getting paid for this job but I still really want it to work...)

            Thank you


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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              It appears you are using an older version of Flash to create this, which is producing the older style of embedding code for the html file--which may not be compatible with some newer browsers.  Since you seem to be indicating it might be browser related, the embedding code is usually the culprit because Flash is generally browser-independent in terms of functioning properly.


              I have created a newer (but not the newest... I have CS3) version of embedding code that you can try which I've linked below.  It requires the support of a javascript file which is also included.  Try using this html file and see if the problem persists--if it doesn't then you can copy the code into your existing html page in place of what's there now.  The js file will need to sit in the same folder as the html.