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    Impossible to use XML inside a class

      I have a really big problem that NEEDS fixing!
      I created a custom class in a .as document and whenever I try to use XML within it, it tells me every method doesn't exist! To make sure I wasn't doing things like an idiot I even copy & pasted the part of code who wasn't working into a blank document and it works! the code is 2 lines long yet flash can't make it work! Here's the faulty code
      var Xml:XML = new XML("<s><a>JoinRoom</a><p>General</p></s>");
      I can change children() to ANY method flash gives me in the quicklist when I just type Xml. and yet when I run it it tells me "There is no method with the name children()" (or any other method I try)

      I need fixing to this problem ASAP please! I have no idea what the heck is going on and I just gone into AS3 which I totally hate by the way!
      .. attached code is the complete code of my class