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    Colour grading on PC.  What options besides Colorista2?

    Tayedrummer Level 1

      It seems like your-experience-may-vary with Colorista2.  For me, I found it almost unusuable within Premiere.  On the Mac platform there is the DaVinci Resolve and Apple Color w/Euphonix controller as options but what is available on the PC?


      A plugin that would work within Premiere would be brilliant but a stand-alone project that would work with a traditional CC workflow of importing an EDL and exporting the clips with handles would also work.






      As an FYI, I can't find the thread discussing the bugs/limitations of Colorista2 but these were the issues I had:


      -I prefer to have my main display dedicated to a large window for the image I'm working on and the tools palette, controls etc on the secondary display. None of the colour wheels (primary/secondary/master/HSL) work at all if the effect controls window is undocked and residing on a secondary display.
      -When the effect controls are docked back on the main display the adjustments are unbearably sluggish and double clicking a setting, either on the wheel or on the collar, does not reset that setting.
      -Secondary power mask doesn't show up at all in the main window and can only be seen if you change the view mode to 'show key', even then you can't click and drag the shape you want, you much use the width/height/rotation/etc sliders to make the shape you want. In practice this is unbelievably frustrating.
      -Secondary key was intermittently bringing up a frame of another clip other than the one that was selected making it completely unusable.