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    Creating popup menus using bookmarks in acrobat pdf

    Muthuraj Durairaj Level 1

      Hi All,


      I have a requirment to create a button called "Index" in a pdf.


      When I click on that button it should show the popup menu and if I click any of the menuitem in that, it should take me to that particular page. I saw some of the interactive pdf's available on the web and they have this facility. I tried to incorporate this into my pdf, it shows the popup menu item correctly but not taking me to that particular page and throughs an error message.


      itemIndex is not defined


      Below is the code I tried for your reference.


      My question: Is there any way to populate this popup menu with the action to go to particular page, from the available bookmarks of a pdf?


      Please help me. Thanks in advance.



      var itemInedex = app.popUpMenu("Executive summary", "Why backups?", "Defining the data status (consistency)", "New disk technologies", "Understanding disaster recovery and restart and recovery", "Drawbacks with backups", "Backup in mainframe", "Schematic presentation", "For more information")
      switch (itemIndex) {
       case "Executive summary":
       this.pageNum = 0
       case "Why backups?":
       this.pageNum = 3
       case "Defining the data status (consistency)":
       this.pageNum = 4
       case "New disk technologies":
       this.pageNum = 5
       case "Understanding disaster recovery and restart and recovery":
       this.pageNum = 6
       case "Drawbacks with backups":
       this.pageNum = 7
       case "Backup in mainframe":
       this.pageNum = 8
       case "Schematic presentation":
       this.pageNum = 9
       case "For more information":
       this.pageNum = 10


      Muthuraj. D