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    How do you actually SHARE a SharedObject?


      Hi, I'm writing an application in HTML / Javascript that has multiple (web) pages.  According to the documentation, all pages served from the application directory are part of the same "domain" (i.e. the same sandbox).  However, whenever I use the Local Store / SharedObjects, a new and different SharedObject is created FOR EACH PAGE!


      How do I change / fix this behavior?  What am I missing?  Why is each page being treated as a completely separate domain/sandbox?


      E.g. (on the mac)


      /Local Store







      Why are there TWO myLSO.sol's?  Why isn't myLSO.sol under the com.mydoman.apptest/Local Store/#SharedObjects?

      Using app:/index.html in the url for loading the page made no difference.  Each page is navigated to with a standard anchor (just like a website)

      <a href="newpage.html">Newpage</a>


      I want to be able to share information across the pages, like a multipart form.  I could do this with session variables in a php app, but with Adobe AIR, on each page load I lose everything from the other pages.  This is very frustrating.


      I'm using Apatana Studio for development with Air 2.0?


      Thanks for any help or insight.