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    Perpetual Rendering


      I've been using Premiere Pro for years, and this is the first time I've ever encountered this bizarre issue.  I just bought CS5 last week, opened a project (created in CS4), and edited without any issues.  Last night, I allowed Adobe to do a big update, and this morning, my rendering is a mess.  I'm running CS5 on Windows 7.

      When I hit "Enter" to render my timeline, everything seems to proceed nicely, but it NEVER ENDS.  I start with 27 Video Previews and 900 frames, but the rendering always seems to eventually hang up.  It reaches a point where the total frames and total Video Previews begin to increase.  In my latest attempt, it was around the 80% mark.  So one second, I've rendered 700 or 900 frames, and 22 of 27 Previews.  But then both start climbing.  Now - a couple minutes later - I've rendered 87 of 92 Previews, and 3415 of 3633 frames.

      I've tried rendering small pieces of the timeline, and it seems to be pretty arbitrary where it breaks down.  And if I break it down small enough (sometimes to just a couple frames), I can eventually get it all rendered.  But if I try to render bigger sections of the timeline, this happens every time.

      I've tried clearing out the preview folder and starting over, to no avail.
      Also, in case it matters, I've got a couple AfterEffects clip/links embedded in the timeline, but these seem to render fine.

      Anyone else ever seen this before?


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          REMERVISION VIDEO Level 1

          I am having the EXACT same problem that you are describing so well here. It began this morning after I downloaded and installed the new update version 5.02.

          I have tried all the things you did such as deleting preview files, pasting into new projects, importing the project into another project but nothing seems to change the situation of this perpetual rendering. WE NEED A REAL SOLUTION TO THIS PROBLEM ASAP. COULD THERE BE A BUG IN THE LATEST UPDATE?

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            rondemarse Level 1

            I assume it's related to the update, but I think I just solved my problem.  Not the prettiest, simplest solution, but it works.


            I found that my rendering hangups were pretty unpredictable, but they were always occurring with titles and/or imported graphics.  When I re-created those titles and re-imported the graphics, the problem went away.


            With a much bigger project, this is probably not the answer.  But if you've only got half a dozen titles & graphics (as I did here), it's at least a short-term workaround.

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              REMERVISION VIDEO Level 1

              This is not an option for me. I need a real solution. HELP

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                mikeklar Level 1

                Interesting solution

                I have a similar problem, but only on one clip of six.  When it first occurred, which was about 5 days ago, prior to which I had rendered it without an issue.  Beause of the number of short videos within the one clip that now demonstrates this problem I decided to run another rendering and for the first half of the video it did so within seconds, but then it slowed down to a frame a second and when it reached the 1954th frame an error message came up, i.e. Error Compiling Movie. Unknown Error.

                Sounds like a straight forward problem, but it was ok a couple of days before that...

                So, I reloaded the entire folder from 5 days prior to this, when it was working without issues, from my backup, but to no avail.

                Hence, I've been considering doing what you did and rework the entire clip.

                What bothers me, is that this seems to have occurred around the timeframe of the latest update.  Since that particular clip is convoluted it may be the Premier update doesn't like it



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                  rondemarse Level 1

                  I'm pretty much certain that the update caused this.  I was rendering and playing back without a problem last night, allowed the update to process when I went to bed, and then came back to the problems this morning.  On the positive side, I'm faily confident that this won't occur with new projects.  But I'm worried that any project created before yesterday's update may open with these issues.

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                    REMERVISION VIDEO Level 1

                    Yes you are right. I just uninstalled premiere and reinstalled it again without the update and everything is working fine now. This is really a big problem with what should have been a great update.

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                      SteveHoeg Adobe Employee

                      Would you be able to share a project demonstrating this for us to take a look at?

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                        rondemarse Level 1

                        Mine is already (manually) fixed and re-saved, but I imagine there will be quite a few more coming, as people install the update.  If no one posts one in the next day or so, I'll start opening past projects and I imagine I'll run into the same issue.  If so, I'm happy to share it.

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                          mikeklar Level 1


                          I'd love to send you the three problem clips, but the client won't give me permission.

                          Hopefully the following will shed some light on resolving the issue if it does have something to do with the latest updates to the program.  I've fixed the problem through a process of elimination and the issue is now resovled by removing the 3D effect from one clip.  It should be noted there are several similar effects used in other clips which redered without issues.

                          Again, this was not a problem before the latest Premier Pro CS5 revision.

                          Also, this video was originally developed in Premier Pro CS4.

                          In the next day or so I will reinstate some (if not all) of the deleted effects using PP CS5 and should it cause an issue I'll let you know.



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                            jeremy d. Level 3

                            What kind of media are you using?

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                              mikeklar Level 1


                              The video clips came from a smartphone.  These are superimposed on a movie clip I created from one still image of water motion and two tracks of audio, i.e. one audio track of background music and the others from the video clips' audio .  I've never had problems doing this and as stated above it worked fine when first it was brought into PP CS5, but not after the latest upgrade.

                              Hope this is of help.