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    Form going off screen


      Hi all, new to flex and having what is probably a very simple issue.

      I have my s:Application.

      In here is an mx:Panel

      in the panel is an mx:Form filled with mx:FormItems, including s:DropDownLists, s:TextInputs and s:TextAreas.


      My Panel and form appear to be going off the bottom of the window.  I was expecting the panel to stop at the bottom of the window and a scroll bar appear but it doesnt.


      If i set a height value in the Panel of say, 100, a scroll bar does get rendered.  I thought the obvious solution then was to apply height="100%" to the panel and form but this doesnt change anything and it still goes off the screen.  I've also applied Bottom values but that doesnt stop it going off screen.


      The application has width and height of 100% set, and a VerticalLayout.  can someone tell me how to stop stuff going off the bottom of the window?  I'm sure it must be something simple but google doesnt help!




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          ministe2003 Level 1

          OK So I've stopped the problem but am not going to mark it solved yet because I still have a question.  I set the Panel to layout="Absolute" and that fixed it.  Why does "vertical" let the panel go off screen and not bring up a scroll bar, do you always have to use Absolute?


          Also, using s:Panel causes the problem regardless of what layout I apply, why?