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    Import DPX Files Workflow?

    Bill_Wood Level 1

      One of the main reasons I upgraded from PPro CS4 to CS5 was to handle DPX files.  I used FCP 7 together with Glue Tools Cineon/DPX add on to import large DPX files for editing.  However very little info is available in the various Adobe PPro CS5 help sources.  As I result I am stumbling around trying to crack the code on how to bring in 1080p 24 f DPX files.


      I work with very large 1080p DPX file sets.  Eack folder holds 15,000 frames.  The frame images are 1920 by 1080 pixels. The DPX files are stored on a very large RAID set with read and write rates of 1200 MB/sec.  More than fast enough for any regular uncompressed file.  But DPX files take many minutes to import and then I can not play the 15,000 frame clip in  the source monitor, nor cam I add the clip to a sequence.   I can add one frame at a time to the sequence but that defeats the whole purpose.


      Does anyone have any workflow suggestions for importing large DPX files?  Like the right presets to use etc.  Do I need to process the DPX files in After Effects or some other Production Preimere CS5 utility?


      Bill Wood