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    Help on browser plugins

      Hi everybody! I need your help on this. I am creating a browser plugin. So here it goes: Do you think Flex will be effective on this side?

      Say for instance, i'll create a browser plugin that allows users to insert images to email. these images are being gathered from a server then being showed in a Flex generated swf file. User then searches and selects which image to insert in the email body from the Flex app. For other matters, i will use javascript and PHP.

      Do you think it is advisable or is it ok that I use Flex for this? Or I'd rather settle with Flash? but Flash is programmer-unfriendly :(

      As a hobby, I've been doing some RIAs with Flex for 7 months now but I've also been using Flash for rich media content before.

      Please give your comments. Thanks in advance for your reply. :smile