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    Reader Crashes with Network Users on Mac OS 10.6.4?  Help!

    Hank Block Island

      I manage the computers in a school.  We are all Mac OS 10.6.4, Server and Workstations.  I installed the latest version of Reader using the local Administrator login.  Reader works fine.  When a user logs into his/her network account on the same machine and tries to run Reader, reader quits unexpectedly.  I have the Mac crash report that I have sent to Mac but Mac Tech Help isn't any help as the problem is with Reader, according to them.  I think it's some sort of permission error but I hope someone out there can point me to the correct direction as I am not a Server person.  I do know how to use Server Admin and fix users permissions but not what I need to do to give the users permission to use a program.  Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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          McShaman Level 1

          I am having the exact same problem in my work environment. I have not yet found a solution to to the issue myself. At the moment with the workstations in my office I am going to have to install Acrobat 9 until the is an update provided... Which is going to be hard because Reader crashes becfore I even get a chance to check for updates.


          I do agree that it could be a permissions issue because a user who is a local administrator to one of the workstations has been using it no problems... But as soon as a user without aministrator permissions gets on it crashes. Does seem like a bit of an amateur problem. Could an organisation like Adobe really make a mistake like this?