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    How to Stop Premiere From Ruining My Video from T2i


      Hi all... I have a bunch of raw video I shot on my Canon T2i. The shots are in low light with controlled lighting on the person speaking so that to get the effect of a black background.  Straight off of the camera, the darks look solid black (backgroud) and the light up portions look great.  And of course, the sharpness if exellent off of this camera.


      The problem I am having is when I bring these clips into Premiere and just overlay some naration (audio only) and export them, the look MUCH worse.  Premiere is lighting up the picture and reducing the contrast in all the shots.  How can I stop the program from doing this?  I want the video to be just like it was straight off of the camera.  I took a lot of time to set up the lighting and the exposure on the camera to get the shot right and do not want to change it in Premiere when I edit the audio.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          You should use a program that can edit this video format natively. Final Cut will do it on a Mac. So will Quicktime Pro, which works on both a PC and a Mac and sells for $29 at Apple.com.


          Otherwise, if you must use Premiere Elements to do your editing, you use Quicktime Pro to convert the video to DV-AVIs or 1440x1080 HDV-MPEGs.


          Premiere Elements can not currently work directly with this video format.