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    Plugin loading issue

    Petro Gretchanei Level 1



      I'm running into plugin loading issue. My exporter plugin is not loaded by premiere if I start premiere on my system. The log says:


      Loading from disk...

                     The library could not be loaded.


      However, when I d-click on .prm file itself, it launches adobe premiere pro and my exporter plugin. Here's a log for successful load:


      Loading from disk...
                                                                                           This plugin was recognized by loader d3092dcf-904a-4a97-b4ca-66aed7540d57.




      It says that Premiere Pro doesn't cache expoter plugins, so I think caching is not an issue, but I  tried holding shift key while launching Premiere Pro to d-check that. That didn't fix it. Just an FYI - i'm building my exporter in debug mode if that matters.

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          Rallymax Level 2

          Do you have any dll that the prm loads? If so if they are not in the 

          path that'd explain it.

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            Zac Lam Adobe Employee

            Hi Petro,


            Did this just start happening on your development system, where previously it was working?  If so, what changes did you recently make, and have you added any DLL dependencies?  Dependency Walker is a great tool to check that.


            If you're using this plug-in on a system without Microsoft Visual Studio, then it probably won't have the debug MS CRT DLLs, so in that case you'd need to build a release version of your plug-in.



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              Petro Gretchanei Level 1


              the plugin has dll dependencies. When I build in release mode and use dependency walker it tells me that GPSVC.dll and IESHIMS.dll are missing. Both should be in system32 folder. Do those dlls make a difference? Also, why would plugin load if I d-click on it and not load when premiere is trying to load it?

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                Petro Gretchanei Level 1


                yes, it was working when I just started development. But then after a day or two of messing with the code and trying to run plugin in premiere it stopped loading. I don't remember exaclty what change caused a crash, but something obviously did. I think i need to compare main function against sample exporter, specifically begin instance, start up and anything that has to do with initialization and loading.

                Also, i've built in release mode but I see the same thing.

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                  Petro Gretchanei Level 1

                  Also,  by inserting some debug code into main "DllExport PREMPLUGENTRY xSDKExport" before it calls functions based on selector passed, I figured that if launch premiere on my system (say from shortcut or start icon) the load process doesn't even get that far. Which makes me think that it is something external, not the code in the exporter plugin.

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                    Rallymax Level 2

                    Put some debug in dllmain()

                    If you're missing dll it won't even hit that.

                    It works in the VSS debugger b/c it's a different working directory 

                    and visual studio changes the paths to give you the CRT debug runtime.


                    If you shortcut to premiere it won't have that dll search path.

                    All your dlls should be in Program Files/Common Files/companyname/

                    productname/ and added to the windows path environment variable.

                    If they are not your dll as you implied then you need to add visual 

                    studio to the permanent path while you develop.

                    (that's what I did so that my plugin launches without running via VSS)

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                      Petro Gretchanei Level 1

                      thanks for suggestion, rallymax,

                      so, all dlls that the plugin is dependent upon are in plugin folder in MediaCore. Is holding down shift key during startup a guaranteed way to make premiere pro to reload all plugins? May be the exporter plugin got blacklisted and I need to reinstall cs4?

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                        Zac Lam Adobe Employee

                        Holding down the shift key on launch is the guaranteed way to tell PPro to reload all the plug-ins on Win.  Of course, if the plug-ins are still missing DLL dependencies, then they still wouldn't load, but PPro will try again, just like as if it was the first launch.

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                          Petro Gretchanei Level 1

                          thanks, Zac. Will keep battling overhere)))

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                            Petro Gretchanei Level 1

                            got it. All it took was path to exporter plugin folder added to windows PATH environment variable.

                            Thanks again, Rallymax and Zac!