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    Export & Importing Question?

    scarolan_CS4 Level 1

      Hi all - I have an interesting question (well I think it is).

      I have CS5 production suite and have been experimenting with color correction. I have about 20 clips that i've imported into Premier pro - and have made some rough edits (actually quite a lot of rough edits). Next I wanted to go through and apply color correction. I did this using dynamic link for each clip and opening up After Effects where I'd add an adjutment layer and apply color correction to each clip using Color Finese. After doing this, I released AE should have been set to 32bpc not the default 8bpc, so I changed it.


      I went back to PP and the image looked very dark, totally different than it did in AE. hmm. My sequence settings were wrong in PP - so I corrected them by checking "max bit depth" and "max render" on the sequence setting box. The image still looked to dark.


      I removed the color correction effect, rendered in PP again - but the image still looks wrong in PP. I have a feeling that it maybe due to the fact that when I imported the clips into PP the sequence settings were wrong, so I may have lost some resolution when PP converted down. Given this, I'd like to reimport, but I don't want to go through the rough edit again. Is there anyway  to save out my edits - in and out points and then reimport the clips into a new sequence applying the edits at the same time? EDL doesn't seem to work.


      Also - on another note - can anyone suggest a better workflow for CC other than going between PP and AE for each clip?