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    Position & Scale motion effects not working on only one clip in a sequence.

    Sarah MacDonald Level 1

      Some of my klips are not acting normally when I attempt to apply motion effects. I want the clip to have a subtle pan/zoom (ken burns) effect, and I have been able to achieve this throughout the other clips in my project. However, when i try with the specific clip in qestion (as well as a few others) I can not control the beginnig frame size of the clip, or successfully make any motion happen.
      Unaltered by motion effects, the clip is the exact size that I wish for it to be. But, if i add a scale(zoom) keyframe and adjust it so it zooms slightly, the klip now starts-and stays-on the newly entered scale size. If i try to put in a keyframe first that has the proper dimensions, and then add the scale (zoom) keyframe after it, it still does the same thing; starts-and stays- on the 'zoomed in' size. I also can not make any position-style motion happen. If I change the position (either on the first keyframe or second keyframe or third etc...) it behaves the same way as when i attempt to scale: the clip is now zoomed AND off center, and doesnt move at all.
      Why is this happening? why cant I get any motion effect to actually happen?