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    Flash C5 pro used to create feature length animated films


      First, I have Adobe Production Suite CS5 on it's way and have been loooking for information on using several of the programs like Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and Premiere.


      How is Flash C5 pro used to create feature length animated films?


      *I have been searching for days for information about using Flash in the creation of feature legenth animated films and all the videos on youtube I could find where about web related usage and so where the other I viewed that googl turned up. I did turn up one movie that Flash was used in a feature animated movie for a classical 2d animation style. The name of the movie is Romeo & Juliet, Sealed With A Kiss by Phil Nibbelink. through my searching so far one item turns up but no referance on how to set up Flash otherwise if not using them and that is - DO NOT USE ACTIONS. Ok, do not use actions and no referance on how to set up Flash to use it's tools in the creation of 2d feature animated film. I know it can be done as Phil Nibbleink's Romeo & Juliet, Sealed With A Kiss illustrates that it can.
      NOTE: If you have information (links, etc) on tutorials for using Flash in feature animated film making I would appricate links to them (I would prefer video tutorials). If you know if some of the companies that create taining videoes for Flash have these type of of training videoes please post who they are and the name of the course. I hace went through some of the sites that create training videoes for Flash and I could not find any they seemed to be for web usage and used actions.
      ANOTHER NOTE: If you know of any fourms that are for using Flash in feature film making please post them.


      *During my searching for using Flash in feature animtion film making I read a lot of toon boom vs flash items (and I am not starting a toon boom vs flash post here) one thing that seems to  stand out for toon boom is the camera fly throughs. Not having used Flash CS5 yet can this be done in Flash CS5 or is this where After Effects or Premiere is used to get that type of effect.


      *Sense Flash is a vector progam and more than likely the backgrounds and some fore grounds would be made in photoshop (raster) would Flash be used to create the characters and import (if they can be imported) into After Effects or Premiere to be able to use the raster backgroud (looking for a way to use the raster background non-destruticely) and should the the raster from photoshop be brought into After Effects or Premiere as an object layer?  Having look at Illustrator's new bristle brush (which create in vectors) it looks like it might be able to get a very painterly background any thoughts on this. Digressing some from Flash.