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    Sortable PPBM5


      This is a question/demo for Harm and Bill and any others with good ideas. Soon after finding the awesome PPBM5 while researching a new system, I found myself wanting to sort the information by different criteria. After importing the data into excel and finding/fixing all the merged cells that the sort feature choked on, I was able to look at the data from many different angles. Trends and averages quickly jumped off the page.


      This brought up the question... Would others like to have this functionality as well?


      I thought that maybe they did so I turned to Google docs. Now this solution is far from perfect, google docs has a long way to go in the public sharing and permissions department. This would truly be fantastic if you could lock the data but keep the table sortable, you can't at the moment, maybe in the future. The other downfall to this solution is that sorting the table changes everyones view of the data. There are other minor issues with the way the data was entered that corrupts the sorting, like the "D1, Q1, Q3, etc..." but this is easily fixed.


      So I'm here looking for suggestions and feedback, is there a solution out there that I'm not aware of??


      Let's discuss...


      Demo (please sort and play with): https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0AlL82-2gDhFTdHVjbmpHN1FfRDVkN19sU1ozSnlWUEE&hl=en &authkey=CP6IuJEB