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    3D Camera noob question


      Hi, I've searched for an answer to my problem but haven't been able to find one yet. I'm using CS3 and have comp in which I move a camera through a 3D space past certain objects and text. The process started fine with the first few objects and text, but now as I create more make their layer 3D and then try to "find" them, I'm having a very hard time. Is there an easy way to bring the objects into the active camera's frame? Otherwise it takes forever to move the camera and rotate it, etc. in order to find the want subjects. Thanks!

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          Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

          To arrange items in 3D space, I think it is helpful to look at your comp from the top and place objects in that view. Have you tried another viewport, such as, top?

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            ActivEdit Level 1

            Thanks for responding. Yes I've tried all the view but can't seem to locate the elements I'm looking for in space. The text and images are pretty easy to find because if they're not in the active camera view, they at least have a bounding box visible beyond the comp boundaries. However the other elements (some shapes created with Particular) don't have that bounding box so I can't see it.


            I am able to see it when I choose, view all layers under the view menu up top, but then i can't get my normal view back after that...



            UPDATE: I figured it out...using the "view all layers" option under the view menu up top I was able to locate what I needed and readjust it's positioning from there. I then just deleted the camera key frames that placed and could create the camera move from there. Thanks for your help!

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              Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

              Great! Glad that worked for you. Just to clarify, you went to View > Look at All Layers, right?

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                ActivEdit Level 1

                Yes. Once that's selected, it places keyframes on the camera's timeline. Once I moved my items together, I just deleted the keyframes and did the next camera move.