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    Adobe Captivate Exception Error After Recording

    lyn11234 Level 1

      I am using Adobe Captivate 4 to record tutorials from a website (the tutorials are showing how to use a website) and keep getting the following message after completing a recording:


      "The exception unknown software exception (0xc0000409) occurred in the application at location 0x02d13782" then the program terminates completely.  The file allows you to record but after you click on the file in the taskbar to import the recording it errors out then closes.  


      The tutorials are being recorded on a website using a Dell machine that exceeds the hardware requirements, has Windows XP SP3 with recent updates, and IE7 with recent updates.  The files are HUGE in size so I am wondering if that might be the problem.  One tutorial (.cp file) might be anywhere from 20MB up.  I have all of the audio and recording settings set to low so my question is how are these files growing so large in size, and is that the reason I keep getting the exception error?  Thanks in advance!

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          KHarvey153 Level 1

          I too am getting this error on a couple of my Captivate (4) files.  It occurs if I try to insert (eg click box) or import (eg Powerpoint files).


          Files aren't particularly big - about 2 MB - and are one of many similar files in a project so can't understand why this is occurring - but is frustrating as I can't do anything with the file any longer - even if I try to open past versions I get the same error if I try to insert/import


          Would appreciate any comments on why this may be occurring.

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            CXHans Level 1

            This is a pritty old topic, but I still suffer the same problem with Captivate 4.

            when I insert a clickbox or button I get this error.

            These are the error codes (0xc0000409) and "at location 0x02c33782


            Is there already a solution for this?

            Is there a work-around?

            My files are no so big (40 slides).

            After this occurs, I have to start from 0.

            Hope somebody can give me some tips.