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    loading external themes for my flex 4 application.




      I created a flex application and i created some themes using adobe flash.


      when the flex application is running i want it to load a default theme and allow the user to switch themes

      while running the application. each time is in a seperate swf file.


      what is the recommended method to create the themes?


      the method that i know of is to convert the symbols to flex components and publish the flash file and swc,

      loading it into my application and then i can use it's components.


      when i merge the swc file into the code (Link Type: merge into code) i can use the flex component i created and everything works fine.

      the problem is that i want the swc to be loaded on runtime and to be able to load/unload.


      Link Type: External - wasn't very useful. when i use any component i just get a blank screen with no errors.

                                      maybe it means that the definition is there so i just need to load the module, so i tried to unzip the swc file,

                                      place the swf file on the web and loading it with the Loader(). i still see a blank screen.


      Link Type: Runtime Shared Library (RSL) - is not an option, because i want to be able to load and unload the modules on-the-fly.


      Flex module:

      Another option was a creating a flex module that loads the assets of the swc file and then to use this module,

      the problem is that i found examples on how to load a module if it's a container of some sort and to display it on the screen,

      i did not find a mothod to actually load different assets from that module and use them.


      so as you can see i'm pretty lost here.


      i would guess that using 'Link Type:External' is what i need i just don't know how to load the swc file properly afterwards, but who knows!


      thanks for your assistance!