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    Best way to open a .psd file in FW CS5



      I'm new to FW and I recently found out about an ongoing issue of opening .psd documents in FW.
      Say, I know that it's generally recommended to use adjustment layers in  PS, but in FW they won't open. So maybe then its best to avoid them?  Also I know that when I open a .psd file in FW I get a small window  where I can choose if I want to have the editability or the  appearance...(1st and 2nd options out of 4). Which one is better? Or its  a trial and error thing and for each specific file, its different?  Maybe if I want to use a flatten image in the live site, it would be a  best practice to simply flatten the .psd file into .gif, .jpg or .png  before opening it in FW to avoid the issue? Of course, I mean if I don't  need layers etc. And in that case...which format would be the best out  of 3? .png because its more related to FW or it doesn't really matter?  Another thing is...PNG24 (flattened one)-is it a good idea to use it on  live sites or its best to use .gifs and .jpgs?
      Also if you could provide links to more info concerning the abovementioned issues, I'll appreciate that!
      Thanks in advance!