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    Auto-expand, then hide tree branch rows in an AdvancedDataGrid?


      I have an AdvancedDataGrid question. I need to display our company's organizational hierarchy, but I had to use flat (non-hierarchical) data since I needed the summary rows functionality. I got around this by having fields in each employee record for various levels of managers (manager0 is the top-level, manager1 is below him, all the way down to manager3, the first-level boss), and grouping on those fields, which works quite well except for the people who report directly to upper-level managers -- since I can't seem to find a way to have leaves and branches on the same display level, I have to click through several empty folders to get to them (see image below). I feel like the easiest way around this is to auto-expand and then hide the rows with empty folders. Is that possible? Or is there a better way to get these people to appear as leaves with branches beneath them? Thank you in advance.