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    Need direction on how to make motion graphics -AF CS5


      I didn’t know how to word the header for my question so I’ll try to clarify it here. I’m new to AF so please bear with me. In the Adobe tutorial at the link below, he animates a flower. The flower is in front of a colored background and there are some added text that animate as well. I understand about layers but my question is, can I make a graphic like the one in the tutorial in Photoshop CS5 and import it into AF? I just ordered a copy of PS CS5 and have not gotten a chance to work with PS. When I searched the net about my question, I found many links describing how to make web graphics. Would I be making the same thing and saving them not as a web graphic? If I can make something similar to the flower in the tutorial, then I can go from there. I guess what is confusing for me is that the background and flower assets are mp4 (mpeg) video. I thought it would be two graphics in 2 layers, plus additional text as more layers. http://tv.adobe.com/watch/learn-after-effects-cs5/gs05-working-with-layers/