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    issue searching PDFs in RH8 WebHelp

    kmaddox1 Level 1

      I am getting different results from Robohelp searches when my RH8 Webhelp is generated using a RH command script in our software build process than if the Webhelp is generated from RH to my PC. Specifically, when I search for a specific term in my local Webhelp, the search results list any PDF files that use that term. In contrast, if I conduct the same search in the Webhelp that was generated during our software build process, the search results do not include the PDF files (the Webhelp files are deployed to a network computer when our software is installed).


      Note that in both cases, you can click links from within the Webhelp to open the PDFs and you can perform Finds within these files, but I cannot use RH's search to locate specific PDFs in the actual online help for the app, which is something I can do locally.


      Here are the details:


      I am using Robohelp 8, Window 7, and Internet Explorer.

      I am producing WebHelp.

      I am producing merged help.

      I am linking to the PDF files from the topics. Each PDF is stored as a “baggage file”.

      Mark of the Web is not selected.


      Any ideas? We promised our customers the ability to search the PDFs for some of our manuals from within our online help system--it worked great when I tested it locally, but isn't working so good in the real online help....