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    Curvy text line on top of the vector shape

    cromartie1974 Level 1

      I know  how to create a curvy text line by using pen tool and Text-Attach to  Path command. That's easy. BUT...what  if I want to PLACE that kinda  curvy text on top of a real vector shape, say an ellipse. What should be  my workflow? The way I do is...First I create a vector object, say,  ellipse. Then I create some text. Then I use the same way as I described  above (ie. select both things with shift key and go to Text-Attach to  Path). But the problem is...The vector object disappears! And all I have  instead is just a curvy text on top of where there USED TO BE the  vector object.
      But I want to keep BOTH-the text and the object together. How that can be achieved?