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    Where is my signing certificate?


      When I go to publish my app AIR 1.5 app from Flex 3, the certificate appears in the selection box, and I can build with it, but I can't find the actual certificate file. I tried moving development to FLash Builder 4, but was unable to find the signing certificate and therefore was unable to publish. I've looked in the project dir, /Applications/Flex Builder 3 (on a Mac), and everywhere else I can think. Flex must be keeping track of this file somewhere, as I can publish with it, and I need to find the .p12 file to move it into Flash Builder. I've attached my view of the publish dialog which shows the certificate name (cert_name), but not it's full path like the others. If anyone knows where this might be, that would be great, and I promise to check it into the repository and never lose track of it again . Thanks.



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          Neobox75 Level 3



          Try to use Finder...

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            pesdev Level 1

            Sorry, you'll need to be a bit more specific. When I say above that I've "looked in the project dir...", I did this using the Finder and didn't see the certificate, so I'm guessing there are more steps involved?


            For anyone not trolling, I've also searched my entire drive (and Time Machine backups) with Spotlight as well as running find and grep from the Terminal, and poking around in hidden folders (.settings, .metadata) in my project and workspace directories. I don't seem to have a file called "cert_name" anywhere. Here's the relevant section from Flex's dialog_settings.xml if it helps.


            <section name="ExportWizard">
               <section name="ExportSigningPage">
                 <item value="cert_name" key="lastCertificate"/>
                 <list key="certificates">
                   <item value="cert_name"/>
                   <item value="/Users/pesdev/path/to/other_cert.p12"/>


            Does Flex cache the certificate data somewhere? What does it mean when the dialog shows only the certificate name and not it's full path?

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              MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              Try using Spotlight. I put .p12 and my certificate showed up.

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                pesdev Level 1

                Please see my previous post, thanks.


                Adobe, where's the "wrong answer" button?

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                  Neobox75 Level 3

                  Here is mine:


                  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
                  <section name="Workbench">
                      <item value="333" key="com.adobe.flexbuilder.help.FlexSDKPreferencePage.columnWidth1"/>
                      <item value="151" key="com.adobe.flexbuilder.help.FlexSDKPreferencePage.columnWidth0"/>
                      <item value="1" key="com.adobe.flexbuilder.help.FlexSDKPreferencePage.sortColumn"/>
                      <section name="ADD_SDK_DIALOG_SECTION">
                          <item value="443" key="DIALOG_WIDTH"/>
                          <item value="156" key="DIALOG_Y_ORIGIN"/>
                          <item value="168" key="DIALOG_X_ORIGIN"/>
                          <item value="174" key="DIALOG_HEIGHT"/>
                          <item value="1|Tahoma|8.25|0|WINDOWS|1|-11|0|0|0|400|0|0|0|1|0|0|0|0|Tahoma" key="DIALOG_FONT_NAME"/>
                      <section name="ExportWizard">
                          <section name="ExportSigningPage">
                              <item value="K:\Tatooine\certificat.p12" key="lastCertificate"/>
                              <list key="certificates">
                                  <item value="K:\Tatooine\certificat.p12"/>


                  If you dont success to find your certificat, just create a new one if your users dont have installed your app yet. Sorry...Did you have look at your trash directory ?

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                    pesdev Level 1

                    Wish mine listed the full path to the certificate.

                    A new one will require users to uninstall before updating. Tried to migrate using adt, but it's not possible without cert p12 file.

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                      Neobox75 Level 3



                      I'm sorry but if you arent able to find your cert-name file... Maybe if you try to create a new cert file with the exact same informations and password, does it  require to uninstall before install your new .air file ???

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                        pesdev Level 1

                        This doesn't work. Even creating 2 certificates with exactly the same data you're unable to update an app signed with one using an installer for the other.

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                          tzeng Adobe Employee

                          Hi pesdev,


                          You do need to find the original certificate.


                          Could you look at here:

                          Adobe Flex Builder 3/Flex Builder.app/Contents/MacOS/

                          where "Adobe Flex Builder 3" is your Flex Builder App. folder.


                          Or you can right click your Flex Builder 3 app., and select "Show pakcage content". Then open the Contents/MacOS folder.


                          Let us know if you still could not find the certificate.



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                            pesdev Level 1

                            Thank you very much!


                            The certificate was inside my Flex Builder.app bundle.

                            I've checked it into the repository and stashed it all around the internet to hopefully avoid losing it again.


                            Thanks Again =)