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    Minor problem with an AIR app I'm working on

      So, I'm working on a new app. I've got multiple instances of URLRequest that I need. I'm 99% positive that everything is correct (probably forgetting 1 small simple thing to make everything work) So, I'm posting the mxml code here & attatching a .zip file of the source code. If anyone could help, that'd be awesome


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          mxschiff Level 1
          I see a couple things you are doing wrong.

          First, I think you are using != when you mean to be using ==.

          Second, you're checking the label property of the WindowedApplication, not the button that dispatched the click event. If you wanted to get that, you could pass the event to openURL and look at the label of the event's target, but the code would probably be cleaner if you just passed the URL to openURL:

          <mx.Button label="gmail" click="openURL(' http://www.gmail.com')" />

          BTW, don't forget you can use the debugger in FlexBuilder to step through your code and actually see what is going wrong.

          Mike Schiff
          Flex SDK team