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    javascript  and ehlp introduced into source files

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      RH "stops responding" and closes-whenever it encounters one--making minor changes on a few topics has forced me to relaunch RH 30 times or more yesterday.


      Projects were generated with different versions of RH (5, 6,7,8) and I've been updating them (I apply a common .css by selecting all the topics in the topic list to each project by filey . Some were taken out of the RH versioning server. I've been working several inherited projects that were hastily converted into single source RH HTML 8 projects. The conversion, I think, is introducing certain kinds of javascript?  Until today, I thought the previous contributors were saving the published files because of messed up javascript.



      <style type="text/css">/*<![CDATA[*/ A:visited {color: #800080;} A:link {color: #0000ff;}/*]]>*/</style>



      (putting the above script into this forum message causes java another java function ($A(arguments))) to display in a tooltip for the cursor as I type)


      The scripting is not in all topics; certain editing actions cause RoboHelp HTML to shut down--perhaps it is editing a topic that LINKS to such a topic; can't say for sure. I have had a dickens of a time cleaning the gunk out of files: I do know that some topics have kadov tags nested in HTML tags, nested inside css styles (i.e. 3 ways to indicate <b> bold.


      I've put the css file through http://www.w3schools.com/site/site_validate.asp and when I run the validated css in the RH project, some styles get redefined. Any ideas on how to clean up the 990 topics in the project I'm working on this week?


      I had the same kinds of issues on a different project last week. What is an effective way to clean the scripts out of topic files?  The example above is broken into 2 to 6 lines, just before the <body> tag. Additonal js may occur in the footer, or in a numbered procedure. Not all topics, not all numered procedures.  There are 3 kinds of  < js start>   < js end > tags in various files.  I've been using InfoRapid Search and Replace (it can search across line breaks) but failed to spot EVERY script.

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          The CDATA means unparsed data. This can be used for javascript, but you can use it for any data you need. If a chunk of data uses characters that are defined in the XHTML file system, a program may not be able to read the file. With the CDATA command, the program will correctly read the string.




          If what you posted is the text added, RH doesn't add javascript, it adds css. In this case the colour of visited hyperlinks and the colour of unvisited hyperlinks.



          You say you validated your css using the W3C validator. Is it validated, or are there errors? Also, the validator only checks your css, it doesn't change it. I don't see what RH would do to a css you've only validated. Can you be more specific?


          Have you run "Update DHTML Effects in Topics"? This feature may solve a lot of your problems. Just backup your projects first.


          For find and replace, try using dnGrep (http://code.google.com/p/dngrep/). It supports regular expressions and multi line search and it saved me a couple of times. I don't know the tool you're using, so I don't know why it can't find the text. Backup your projects before using this tool.