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    CFXML Variable Size Limit

      I am creating an XML file (an Excel doc) on the fly from a DB query. I am able to CFDUMP the query successfully, so I know that I am not encountering a size limit there. I use the CFXML tag variable to store the XML document that I dynamically create from the query data. The query is returning quite a bit of data. If I limit the amount of data that is returned by the query (with a restrictive WHERE clause), all goes well. I believe that there is so much data returned by the query (when it is not limited in any way) that the string buffer limit is being reached. I have two questions:

      1. Is there a limit to the size of a string variable in CF?
      2. If so, can I increase the limit?


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          I've had some sizing issues when creating large XML docs wi9th <cfxml>,
          although I did not really investigate "how large", although I should think
          it's tied to the size of your JVM's heap.

          That said, I have been able to create larger XML docs using the various CF
          XML functions rather than <cfxml>. Might be worth a go.