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    Flex3 application in weblogic portal 10.3

    dhulipu Level 1

      I  am using FB4 and created a Data/Service using Java Webservice.  Displaying data in a data grid by calling webservice method (configured  using WSDL url).
      Now I deployed above Flex applicaiton by following  your steps given in may forums


      1) Copy flex-portal.jar and flex-messaging.jar in web-inf/lib

      2) created portlet and used flex. GenericPortlet etc given in this URL





      I am able to run the Portal/Portlet.Flex page is appearing with Data Grid and Column Headers.

      but the  data is loading , the webservice call is not happening from weblogic portal.but when i open Flash Builder and run the application in Flash Builder and then in weblogic portal, both are working fine.

      Application is running , only when I open the Flash Builder.
      what configurations need to update for running flex application to load data without running/opening Flash Builder, please help.

      I am not using any BlazeDS or LiveCycleDataservices or any other frameworks.

      I just configured Data/Services by giving a WSDL url. All are running on same domanin/server.



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      September 16, 2010 5:20 AM