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    Cannot Delete Unusable  Version 9


      I downloaded Reader v 9 and did not realize that my system did not have the resources for this version.

      After downloading I instructed it to install.

      The install looked like it took place but when I tried to run it ver. 8 opened

      I subsequently checked and found my mistake.

      I tried to do a windows uninstall but 9 is not registered as a program inspite of a complete Adobe 9.0 folder listed in my programs folder.

      I tried to simply delete the whole 9 folder but the  delete action is aborted with the note " Cannot delete Identities"

      The "Identities" are in v9 sub folder CMAP and listed as "Identity - H and Idenitity - V"

      I now I have about 100mb of  useless data being held hostage by these two small files.

      Version 8 is still installed and working but it does not have anything in it's CMAP folder.

      I am using Windows XP Pro SP 3 and I think that the resource v9 wanted was more Ram which I cannot add to this system.

      How important are these "Identities" and How can I safely get rid of my useless V9?

      Thanks for any help,