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    When I export a video in Premiere, the colors flash purple and green. Why?


      I bought the software just recently but I have exported files before and they worked fine.  I have a few speculations but I wanted to get an opinion.  I dont know what to do if my speculations are right either.


      1. I used a small digital camera so the format may be unsupported.  It looks fine in the preview but when I set preview quality to maximum it flashes purple and green.  I have, on the same timeline, a small logo animation I made using after effects and that part looks fine.

      2. I used after effects to color correct the video segements and then exported them as .mov's.  They look fine after they are exported.  Maybe this is causing a problem though?

      3.  I noticed that I have been making the comps in after effects, 24 fps but when i looked at the settings in Premiere it says it is at 30 fps.  But I didnt see another option there.


      Are any of these the problem?  Any advice or suggestions?  What should I do to fix it/prevent it in the future?


      Thank you!