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    Very disturbing issue with Flex 3


      I was testing a Flex application I am writing for a client. I went to the User Maintenance screen where one could manage user information (which includes the user's password). I pull information from the server using httpservice e4x format, and the results are returned in XML.


      Then out of the blue, I decided to go to the browser URL field and type in a URL to another web site (doesn't matter which), so as expected, that new web site now replaces my application in the browser. Now here's the very disturbing issue: When I clicked the browser back button to see how my flex app would look like, instead of being in "flash player mode" and seeing my Flex application, I was in the browser's text mode and saw only XML, and it was the XML I had LAST pulled in from the server, and it displayed all the user information including the password!


      This is repeatable and not an intermittent issue.


      This is very disconcerting at the very least! Has anyone ever encountered this issue? Is there a way around this?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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          acrobat0107 Level 1

          If I may add to this, this only happens with Internet Explorer 8!


          When I tested this with Firefox and Safari, and when I clicked the browser Back button, both just reran my application as if I had just ran it for the first time (which was expected).


          Can maybe an Adobe support rep test this on their own side and see if they get the same problem?