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    how to convert 25fps Audio to 24fps ???????

    vijay NewZealand


      I hv just finished a music video and convertd it to 24fps from 25fps to make " FILM LIKE LOOK" in After effects.....now the audio seems out of sync and i tried to decrease speed of audio by 4% as i heard somewhere but it didn't work.. is this possible in Adobe..I am using Adobe CS5 Production premium....Or is there any free software in the market to fix this????? m sure m not the 1st havng this problem ...





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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          You didn't say how you changed the timing in After Effects. Did you use time stretch? Time remapping? Conforming to a frame rate?


          Here's a relevant excerpt from After Effects Help:

          "Note: Conforming can change the synchronization of visual footage that has an audio track, because changing the frame rate changes the duration of the video but leaves the audio unchanged. If you want to stretch both audio and video, use the Time Stretch command. (See Time-stretch a layer.)"

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            vijay NewZealand Level 1

            Hi Todd, thanx for replying. I conformed the  video footage settings in after effects ..bt it only works for video footage.. i also tried to slow down audio by 4% but hvn't workd for me.. so is there any way to do that in production premium cs5??.. i have to deliver the final product on 1 oct ..


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              shooternz Level 6

              What happens if you use the Rate Select Tool on the 25fps Audio clip .  ie match the old audio to the length of the new 24fps clip


              Even better.. do that in Audition.  (or maybe SoundBooth)

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                vijay NewZealand Level 1

                Thanx shooternz,

                Haven't tried that,i hv soundbooth aswell but never used that before. it looks pretty basic ausio software.. i will try both and hope i'll solve the problem.

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                  preditorj40153117 Level 1

                  I think this is still a problem. My friend sent me some 25fps he captured on a iPad. I am pretty good with audio but this is a progressive timing change.


                  the 1st 7-10s of the video is in sync and then it progressively get more off from there. So -2% speed at 00:00:15:00 is like -6% at 00:00:30:00. And its off by as much as 10secs by the end.


                  ME is not converting the audio to match the video at all. There is NO PAL to NTSC for audio in ME.

                  This Thread started in 2010 and Adobe still has not addressed 25fps audio transcoded to 24fps? Its 2016 now.

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                    Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Ipad footage has variable framerate need to fix that first with HandBrake to constant framerate.

                    You could use mpe2 and set multiplexer to none. That will give a separate wave file.

                    Might work, have not tried it myself, just an idea.

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                      Jim_Simon Level 8

                      My friend sent me some 25fps he captured on a iPad.


                      Your friend should have used a real camera at the correct settings.


                      If you don't want to use a proper, professional work flow for use with your professional NLE, you've got no call to complain.

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                        Stefan Gruenwedel Adobe Employee

                        Preditor: Use Adobe Premiere Clip to get your videos from iPhone or iPad to Premiere Pro. It's a free iOS (and Android) app. Clip projects sync with your Creative Cloud assets automatically. From inside Premiere Pro, you can import your Clip project and see all your clips, layers, effects, trims, etc. preserved. Even if you don't want to use Clip to edit your movie, you can create a Clip project, add whichever iPhone/iPad videos you want to the project, wait for it to sync with Creative Cloud, and then open up that Clip project in Premiere Pro. All your videos will appear, along with the (expected) audio.


                        In your case, your friend would need to install Clip on the iPad. Create a Clip project, add the video(s) to that project, sync it with Creative Cloud, and then share that project with you. Of course, your friend would need to have CC in order to sync it with the CC folder to begin with.

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                          preditorj40153117 Level 1


                          Believe it or not most people are not pro's with their video. If i shoot something it is correct with pro everything but that is not how most video gets generated. You have to consider what is happening or at least what the project is.


                          Whats happening is a huge boom in video content and that 65% of businesses make less than $100m. Most of the companies i deal with are under 50mil. They can not afford to pay a team that cost 680 bucks an hour to create daily video. So some use their iPhones on a stand to make basic UGV and then call pros to make some that are higher production value mixed in to their video marketing.

                          Not all video that comes from a smartphone acts the way that iPhone does, but as a person in the industry outside of cinema ME should be able to interpret footage from the iPhone/iPad.


                          @Stefan Gruenwedel gave me a workaround that may work but i can not expect my clients to have to know this to get their stuff online. They hire a marketing agency like us to do it for them because they have businesses to run. That is one of the many things that I need my professional NLE need to do for my team. Jim, You may not need this but a lot of people do.