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    Image Viewer Help

      I’m using the image viewer flash feature in Dreamweaver CS3, and I’m having difficulty getting the slideshow to actually display the pictures fully. Both the images and the viewer are the same size, but for some reason the viewer reduces the size of the images and places a rather large border around 3 sides of the pictures.

      I’ve played around with just about every setting, and can’t figure out why these images are being reduced. I have no border defined and I want the images to show on the page seamlessly. Maybe, because each one is linked, I don’t know.

      Anyone have some advice?
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          Kylven Level 1
          I searched through this database quite a bit, and it seems many others are having the same problem with image viewer, but there has been no solution listed anywhere. Does anyone know how to get the images to display fully?
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            Kylven Level 1
            I’ve been struggling with this for some time, and I’d really appreciate some help. Here’s the URL in case people just don’t know what I’m talking about.

            www.GamerTales.com the swf is right at the top…how do I get the images to display without the borders when it’s already set to 0
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              Kylven Level 1
              If no one has any idea how to rectify my problem, does anyone know another resource that might have answers?
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                I found your post because I have the same problem. I also saw that notbody suggested a solution, so I'm going to use my second choice: Photoshop.

                You have to know Photoshop a little, but here's the quick version:

                1. Put each image on its own layer.
                2. Create an animation with each layer showing for 5 seconds. You'll have to add a tween for the transitions.
                3. Export the animation as a Flash file. (available since at least CS2).

                I'm going to do that in the next few days, so if you want more specifics, let me know, and I'll send you some details after I've gone through it again myself. I know it works, though the transitions can be a little choppy. You can see an example here:


                The changing images on the home page was created that way.

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                  Thanks Dave . . . I am going ahead with the Photoshop/ImageReady export .SWF as the solution to my problems with Image Viewer. I noticed that it tends to inflate the file size quite a bit - tripled it in fact beyond the actual cumulative file sizes of the respective images. May have to look for another solution long term. I can't believe Adobe hasn't addressed it. :)