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    Adobe AIR Application


      Hi Guys


      I am working on AIR Desktop Application. Actually i have to develop a whole site in the AIR mxml pages. Actually i am getting the feeds into HTTPservice. My Question is hoe to check whether the Feed exists or not. If it exists i have to display the corresponding items. If not i have to show the previous datas.


      Actually i will read the feed every 5 or 10 minutes. At that time if no internet is available i ve to show the old datas, and if the internet is available i have to show the new datas.


      So Anyone can please tell me the followings:


      1. How to check whether Internet is available or not.


      2. How to store the previous values in the local and show it when no internet connection.


      3. How to check the feed url is empty or not.


      Please guide me through it.


      Thank You.